Davide Giovanni Steccanella noun, her/she/him/he,

1. Brand designer with exceptional care for craftmanship, quality and aesthetic - “The brand Davide designed is amazing!”Sito web2. Customer specialist and designer at Revas Società Benefit since 2018 - “This UI has been carefully designed by Davide”3. Poet and performative reader for the Trento Poetry Slam society - “I saw Davide yesterday at the Poetry Slam Tournment, I loved it!”4. Contemporary artist and performer with one of the freshest approaches in contemporary art - “I like the way Davide makes art - it’s quite refreshing”Watch some art5. Creative web developer who creates fashion-forward sleek website with future-forward amazing technologies - “Did you know that Davide made this website? - No! Really? - Yeah, go check it out on his Github!” - I sure will!”Go to Github6. Your future creative partner and advisor to turn your digital adventure into the sleekest and most fashionable form possible - “Hi, I have a project, can we talk about it? Sure, here’s my email!”Email----Italiano