For the 2016 World HIV Day, the LILA Trentino (a local association fighting against HIV stigma and HIV+ people discrimination, while educating people on many sex-related topics) decided to create a new poster campaign - they wanted to convey the importance of using condoms, taking tests regularly and the effectiveness of HIV retro-viral therapy.
Three themes, three posters.

I assumed the creative direction of the project and I also designed the layout and the artworks.

I wanted this project to be human centered and, above all, human.
HIV still scares people, often making them forget that HIV+ people are as normal as HIV-. 
That was the message and that's why I chose naked models and sketchy artworks. During sex we're naked and in the meantime vulnerable, but we can fully express ourselves and our emotions and we should not let HIV and HIV stigma ruin such an intimate moment.

Find more on LILA Trentino website.
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