My philosophy

Ethical design

A brand is an entity that interacts with people and gives them value throughout time


Positive and valuable

Communications allows a brand to share positive messages



Transparency and clarity create authentic and long lasting relationships



An ethical brand creates opportunities for a sustainable future for everybody

Brands of the future

Responsible and ethical brands

A brand is not a closed environment but it’s a living and breathing entity that interacts with the surroundings, people and society. A brand has huge ecological, political and social responsibilities that go far beyond just profit. The visual identity of a brand can convey them and help to express them in a stronger way.

Communicating open systems Communicating open systems

Open brands

Communicating open systems

Ethical design

The communication of a brand can break walls and barriers and create communicating systems that can collaborate on a shared vision of the future that is capable of listening to and bringing value to people.

Ethical design
Designing for everybody Communicating open systems


Designing for everybody

The actions of a brand have consequences not just on people. Communication is a powerful tool to break vicious cycles and create more virtuous ones while creating a better future for everybody.

A new approach

Clarity and transparency

Through a brand image and its communications, positive messages can be widely spread