Davide Giovanni Steccanella is a visual designer, illustrator, brand system designer and glitch artist

I've done illustrations for posters, brands, events, editorials and more more more

I also designed brand identities and brand systems for startups, small businesses, single individuals, myself (duh), music festivals and performers. In fact, that’s my forte

Brand systems image
Brand systems image

Not just a brand with guidelines

Decorative zig-zag line

but a whole branded system that can evolve and adapt over time

The brand I designed for the startup I co-founded (yeah, I co-founded a startup) it’s a full brand system that spans over different products, many channels of communication, printed and digital don’t be shy go check it out

I am also a very visual guy*

*as you can see

That’s why I love adding visual to things - like websites, apps and UIs in general

I designed and built this website, just so you know. Gimme CSS and HTML and I can make magic - Javascript still makes me wanna scream but I can use some VueJS and NuxtJS.

Oh, and I am a big Git enthusiast

Lettering spelling LAST

but not least

I write about digital design and more on UX Tales, the Italian publication for digital design (it’s in Italian only, sorry)

I also do glitches and glitch art in my spare time, mixing photo-editing and some retrowave vaporwave fashion

I know.
It's a lot to process all at once.
That’s why I’ll leave you here some useful contact info.